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Continuing that blogging tradition unlike any other, using other peoples' content to make my own blog look good :-)

     From Guy Giuliano:
"The FCC had a little known broadcast rule known as Part 15 which allows anyone to broadcast a radio station on the AM band from 510-1700 kHz legally! These stations are known as LPAM (Low-Power AM), and are spreading over the U.S. at alarming rates since late 2002. Hundreds have signed on, with commercial, and non-commercial formats serving small, and isolated communities. Recently a handful have become successful commercially, even making profits for themselves."
Read more here: PART 15 AM RADIO

     From Joseph Gray:
“Radio Nostalgia—Bringing the best of Old Time Radio to our little corner of Las Cruces. If you are within about one mile of my house, you can hear that announcement on the AM dial, every hour of the day. I run a flea-powered radio station, so that I can share my rather large OTR collection with my extended neighborhood.”
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"Did you know that under Part 15 of the Federal Communication Commission rules that citizens are allowed to legally operate certain low-power broadcast devices that allow you to broadcast on your AM or FM radio? These rules allow you to do this all without a broadcast license! Potential users for these Part 15 low power broadcast transmitters include schools and universities, realtors, campgrounds, parks, and indiviuals just looking to have some fun."
Read more here:

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