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  • Peer-to-Peer Low-Power AM Broadcasting "The idea is to use legal unlicensed low-power AM transmitters operating at Part 15 levels, under 100 milliwatts, to set up a radio network that pulls its content off a central repository." Read more at 
  • John Anderson on Freak Radio Santa Cruz: the State of Media in 2008 John Anderson recently joined Skidmark Bob on Santa Cruz’s long running unlicensed station to dish about topics at Read more at 
  • AM / FM Band Broadcast Transmitters Radio and Wireless" long ago found a number of sources of FM transmitters that exceed the F.C.C.'s part 15 regulations."AM-FM-band-broadcast-transmitters
  • Microradio Broadcasting: Aguascalientes of the Airwaves "Radio was introduced to the Western world by Guglielmo Marconi in 1895. By 1907 interest in the technology had reached the general population." Read more at

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