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Real Life Low Power Radio Stories

Yes, Virginia, there really is a low power radio. And now you know... the rest of the story!
     "Spurred on by the success of its low-power radio promotion this summer outside New York's Holland Tunnel, Atlantic Records has created a separate department dedicated to the burgeoning world of 100 milliwatt--1/10 of a watt--radio outposts. Atlantic's division for low-powered radio ventures will be headed by Bob Kranes, former PD at WBCN Boston and WLIR (now WDRE) Long Island, N.Y."
     Read more about it here: Atlantic Records Low Power Radio
     Imagine a bank using "a low-power AM radio transmitter designed to broadcast repetitive, pre-recorded sales messages directly from a bank office to cars in line waiting for drive-in window service."
     Read more about that here: Drive Through Radio
     Your diligent editor is searching the globe (well, at least the web-globe) for more, so stay tuned...

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