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Opportunities for the Commercialization of Low Power Radio

Today I'm delighted to share this fascinating, in-depth study of opportunities for the commercialization of low power radio. The writings in the link below offer an intriguing summary of several detailed investigations and include a short one-minute video, a simple 10-page pamphlet describing low power broadcasting and a 12-page scholarly research report By Dr. Bruce DeYoung of Oregon Sea Grant. Neat stuff!
     Bruce's research showed that there is a gap in available visitor information about local business services and a lack of convenient access to messages about safety and recreational etiquette. Because of significant media consolidation and the use of automation in the operation of local radio stations, that gap has grown far wider in the years since Dr. DeYoung's initial study.
     The conclusion of the Oregon Sea Grant study was that low power radio is a viable way to bridge this growing information gap by broadcasting short, preprogrammed messages over a limited area. Visitors tuning in from cars or boats will hear messages about a particular locale, attraction or facility.
     Be sure to check out the preliminary audience statistics in the report - aggregate 60% acceptance with no promotion other than on-site signage - WOW!
     Affordable radio exposure for local businesses is an exciting option for low power radio that has been little explored over the years. The success of various local weekly and monthly free newspapers offering low-cost advertising seems to indicate tremendous opportunities are waiting for us!
     Read all about it here: Oregon Sea Grant Low Power Radio Study

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