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Little Known Sources of Kewl Stuff

There are a number of reputable, well-know sources of goodies for us low power radio folks. Then there are some reputable, not-so-well-known folks who don't seem to get their name out there - so I'll do it for them. First on my list is Carl's Electronics, a firm offering the popular and inexpensive Universal FM Transmitter with Mic and Line Inputs, pictured here. Many more electronic kits here - scroll down to "FM Transmitters." 
(New source online)

Then there is DC Kits, who sells several PLL and VCO units on their
website here. (Archived page, site offline).

Next is Ocean State Electronics, or OSE, who also offer both PLL and VCO products. (Archived page, site offline).

So, the only question left is, "With all these options, why aren't you on the air?"

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