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Some Unusual Transmitters Available Now

Tube TransmitterThe MW-250 broadcasts a rich warm vintage tube sound using cathode modulation for better frequency response, Pi-Network Design for antenna matching, maximum efficiency, and minimum harmonics. Delivers 100 milliwatt legal power limit. Hammond cabinet with vintage black wrinkle finish. Standard RCA jack accepts inputs from cd and mp3 players, computers, boom-boxes, cassette recorders, broadcast audio consoles.

PCI Card TransmitterPCI MAX is a small digital FM transmitter in the form of a PCI PC card that plays audio files from a PC through radio waves to a radio receiver. Install this card into your PC as you would any other PC card, install software and broadcast. Software gives full control over frequency and power. Additional output power and superior audio quality can be obtained by using external power source. Coupled with MP3 player and scheduling plugins this becomes a fully automated radio station.

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