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New product announcement from EDM electronics

Innovative transmitter from EDM.

     "We though it may be of interest to you and your readers that we will be making our LED Classic FM transmitter kit available in a 1mW/10mW option as from next week."
     "Basically you will be able to flip a small switch on the pcb and limit power to 0dBm or 10dBm."
     "We feel that this should bring the transmit range more inline to that allowed to users in the USA and Canada under part 15 rules."
     "Price shipped around $120US. This includes pcb, enclosure and psu."
     "Our new EDM-TX-LCD transmitters are doing very well and have received excellent reviews from various other Radio boards and customer letters."
     "This is a very high performance (SNR hitting the 80dB mark) unit in the audiophile class which will also be evident by comparing the specifications on our site - check under the 'Specs' link."
     "This unit has fully adjustable power levels in two ranges (1-10mW), (2-100mW) by means of an onboard pot."

So be sure to visit and learn more about this exciting product line.
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Unknown said...

I bought an EDM LCD(11/13) and the unit was horrid. EDM support was excellent but unable to fix (very poor S/N). I returned the unit and they said it was working correctly. Yah, right. Money refunded, no hassle.

Eckhart Robertson said...

I have a similar box running now for over five years 24/7 without any problems. I get superb sound and good coverage. I recommended this product to some of my friends and as far as I know they are all happy.