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Social distancing = low power radio broadcasting!

Radio World sees the future and the future is low power! Radio World, AKA RW, is running a fascinating (and thrilling for us low power radio fans) series of articles on the sudden interest emerging in low power radio broadcasting. The reason? Social distancing required to stem the global pandemic.
     While visionary outlets like, Part15LAB and (and maybe even little old me) have been promoting the fun of low power analog RF for decades, the response from the industry at large has ranged from mocking to persecuting.
     Labeled as either nerds to be pitied or pirates to be prosecuted, low power radio enthusiast technology is suddenly at the forefront of pandemic coping strategies.
     After ignoring these exciting opportunities since literally the dawn of radio broadcasting, we now get to read quotes like "...We are getting a huge number of calls from churches around the country asking if we can help them to broadcast their sermon into the parking lot of their church..." and "...Just last week a customer from Texas called and explained that he was trying to find a way to set up a mini drive-in theater in the parking lot of his temporarily closed restaurant using a large screen TV and a DVD player..."
     Here's a soon-to-be-growing list of great RW low power radio coverage:
     While I don't necessarily agree with the certification premise it's important to consider the source - a  seller of certified transmitters! Nevertheless, it's delightful to learn of the emerging demand, irrespective of the source.
     And, of course, here's our "I told you so!" list of links to articles espousing the usefulness of this now-headline-making technology found on this humble assemblage for over a decade:
Sadly, social distancing will be around for a while. Happily, that means more opportunities for our technologies!

LPFMs new 'direction,' NAB acting stupid, again!

In the summer of 2019, the FCC adopted a rulemaking proposing to update the LPFM technical rules to reflect the maturity of the service.
     These proposals reflected changes sought by LPFM advocates and licensees to improve their signals and provide more regulatory flexibility.
     The proposed FCC Report and Order would adopt most of the proposed rule changes to allow LPFM licensees to improve reception and increase flexibility in transmitter siting while maintaining interference protection and the core LPFM goals of diversity and localism.
     The most impactful of these changes would be to expand the circumstances in which LPFM stations may use directional antennas and allow custom models designed for specific locations instead of only 'off-the-shelf' models with parameters set by the manufacturer.
     This privilege would allow LPFMs to direct their signals to where their listeners are, putting these operators on a level playing field with other spectrum users.
     Not surprisingly, the NAB and several of its members, still utterly bereft of any capacity to understand their own industry, bitterly oppose this change. Failing to understand the importance of promoting radio as a medium and still floundering in a self-made leveraged buyout financial twilight zone, the nattering NAB numbskulls continue to bite the hand that feeds them, all the while wondering why they are heading for irrelevance at the speed of light.
     Radio World is covering this story in a very fair article and you are encouraged to comment to the FCC, as specified in the Report and Order.
     Gotta love the NAB, pushing FM chips in cell phones and lobbying against LPFM while their members go bankrupt, silent and dark. Why can't I get paid that well for being that incompetent?

A delightful shout out from the Blare Blog

The amazing Carl Blare, active in the alternative radio community for decades (sorry, Carl), innovative creator of several unique approaches to broadcasting and host of the Low Power Radio Hour, favored our humble blog with a kind mention recently.
    It seems that Carl really enjoys our AM transmitter schematic posts and, as Carl has designed and published several transmitter designs himself, we are humbled by his praise.
    In the past Carl, a hard-working hobbyist, has developed a proposed lowfer transmitter for audio transmission using a transmitter called the Deep Voice and a modulator from a Shortwave project called the Big Talker.
     Closing out his post, Carl postulates "The Blare Blog doesn't know whether Radio Guy, author of the Low Power Blog, is 'one of us.' I am thinking maybe not." To that, the Low Power Radio Guy can only reply "Gobble Gobble."
     The Blare Blog is a wonderful read, including the posts that aren't about our modest effort. the KDX Radio site offers a veritable cornucopia of radio delight, you are encouraged to visit frequently! 

20 watt AM Transmitters from Greece and Spain on ebay

ebay sellers in Greece and Spain are bringing exciting AM broadcast platforms to the market.
     First, from Greece, comes a powerful, nicely appointed and fully assembled transmitter ideal for carrier current work.
     This transmitter offers an operating frequency range of 400Khz-2Mhz and up to 20 watts of power delivered through its 50ohm, PL259 connector.
     Uses frequency steps compatible with USA standards and delivers 15hz - 30khz audio response.
     Monitor transmitting status with the on-board SWR meter. 
     Click here to visit the ebay page for this 20 Watt Medium Wave Band AM Transmitter from Greece.
     From Spain we get a rack-mount beauty that can also deliver a crisp 20 watts into your radiator of choice.
     Frequency range between 520 and 1800 KHz, power from 0 to 20 watts, frequency steps 1 Hz, 10 Hz, 100 Hz, 1 KHz, 5 KHz, 9 KHz.
     Transmission indicator, SWR indicator, SWR protection, temperature protection, power and modulation meter.
      Click here to visit the ebay page for this 20 Watt Medium Wave Band AM Transmitter from Spain
     Exciting and affordable alternatives available to those looking for Carrier Current power levels.