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Hurricane Intelligent AM Medium Wave Transmitter

There's a storm brewing on the low power radio horizon - Hurricane warnings!
     That's right, Tony and the Vintage Components / 6V6 Electronics team have spun up a new entrant into the LPAM transmitter game with features galore.
Hurricane Intelligent AM Medium Wave Transmitter
     The Hurricane is the next generation intelligent AM Modulator, featuring a Digital Frequency Synthesizer controlled by a high-performance RISC-based Microcontroller with optional Bluetooth Audio and Bluetooth remote control.
     Please to be amazed at the astounding features!
  • Easy setup, using the built in Menu and OLED display
  • Frequency range 520kHz to 1730kHz (Medium Wave)
  • Audio VU meter
  • Modulation monitor
  • Antenna Voltage meter
  • Audio connector: 3.5mm Jack Socket
  • High quality modulation depth and linearity
  • US Version compliant with FCC Part 15 rules
  • Crystal controlled Digital Frequency Synthesizer
See it and buy the Hurricane here: on 6V6 Electronics

Spitfire AM Transmitter MW Medium Wave Broadcast & Top Band (160M)
Looking for an entry level transmitter for your first effort? 
     Be sure to check out the Spitfire, a capable and flexible offering with a collection of desirable features.
  • Antenna Tuning Unit with Variable Capacitor
  • Built in Audio level and Modulation monitor
  • Blow-out proof RF Stage
  • External Ground Connections
  • Stereo cable with  3.5mm jack
See it and buy the Spitfire here: on 6V6 Electronics
On Ebay: Buy Spitfire Transmitter 

With so many new transmitter options out there I have only one question for you - what are you waiting for???

Amazon caves in to pressure to stop selling hobbyist radio frequency devices?

I feel like the radio industry has a long history of picking the wrong battles. Take, for example, the NAB's choice to wage a decade-long, multimillion dollar, losing lobbying battle against Satellite Radio; all while the Internet walked up behind the NAB and ate its lunch.
     Now, it looks to me like the geniuses at the Nitwit Association of Broadcasters have set their  sights on the next imaginary enemy, radio experimenters. In my opinion, convinced that any use of the radio spectrum other than their own takes huge bites from their collective bottom line, this collection of jackasses now states unequivocally that all unlicensed spectrum use is Pirate Radio!!! (Scared Kids?)
     It seems the Nitwit club has a new plan to save the medium! I see the problems as a core audience rapidly dying of old age, that no one under 30 even knows how to operate a radio receiver (and doesn't care to learn), and that the 'cool' factor died in the 90s. Looks like these great worried warriors are now turning to what many call the revolving door industry insiders at the FCC. I think the NAB wants to  bully ecommerce providers into dropping radio hobbyist merchandise from sales listings.
     It looks like the first to cave is Amazon. I get it, Amazon is managing a multi-billion dollar sales channel and a few fewer baggies of components and a few fewer little boxes of RF joy would seem to me to be an easy price to pay to keep the Feds off their backs. 
     I think we will need to prepare to return to those thrilling days of yesteryear, when we purchased our hobbyist supplies from obscure little come and go companies like Ramsey, PanAxis and Free Radio Berkeley - because our golden days of being served by mass merchants will soon be over.
     You can read what looks to me like Amazon's surrender here: Radio Frequency Devices
     I feel like all we can do is watch as the first social media, formerly known as radio, is mismanaged into oblivion.

Audio liberation with Cleanfeed

Every time I think things are just as awesome as they can possibly be, something pops up and proves me wrong - and things get even more awesome!
     Enter Cleanfeed, a remarkable new technology that gets us connected over the web with unbeatable audio quality.
     I was tipped off to this new tech by a local AMer, where I do a monthly show on afternoon drive. I usually hopped down to the station for my show but the station went all remote talent with the pandemic and set us up with Cleanfeed.
     Then I found out it was free!
     Cleanfeed is multitrack, multi-party live audio and recording application using only a browser. Cleanfeed offers a nice array of tools and controls on both ends of the connection so both users can fine tune to their heart's content.       Get started without external mixers, etc., technical know-how not required. The minimum requirements are just a browser, a connection to the web and a microphone; Cleanfeed handles the rest.
     The free version of Cleanfeed offers multiple connections, unlimited recording and amazing audio quality, The pro version offers sweet features like multitrack recording, channel mix control and a cartwall.
     Pull in guests for engaging interviews, share your content with other low power broadcasters in real time - the possibilities are endless!

FCC Targets Landlords Who Allow 'Pirate' Broadcasting

The Friendly Candy Company has started targeting property owners and managers for 'knowingly' permitting so-called illegal AM and FM radio broadcasting from their properties, under a new 2020 federal law known as the PIRATE Act.
     Property owners and managers believed to be ignoring or facilitating illegal 'pirate' AM or FM broadcast operations from their properties will be given 10 days to respond before enforcement action moves forward.
     The PIRATE Act defines pirate radio broadcasting as the transmission of communications on the AM and FM radio broadcast bands without a license issued by the FCC (not including the use of unlicensed, low power devices permitted under the Commission’s rules, like we all use). The PIRATE Act permits the Commission to issue forfeitures for violations of section 511 of up to $100,000 per day and up to a maximum fine of $2 million.
     Apparently, no one at the FCC is aware of the fact that radio listenership, radio station licenses and employment in radio have all plummeted precipitously over the past five years.
     Is this a rather obvious effort to prop of the faltering stock prices of the many-times bankrupt radio conglomerates who are staring irrelevance in the face? One needs look no further than the Red Zebra fiasco, buying four DC area stations for $58 million in the mid-2000s, only to sell off those same stations 2018 - 2020 for a total of $8 million, to see where radio asset values are headed.
     Like the infamous radio Waterloo where industry insiders spent millions to stop non-factor satellite radio as the Internet snuck up and ate radio's lunch, battling the straw man of pirate radio (scared, kids?) will prove similarly futile.
     Could it be that corporate radio sucks Orangutan butt and the suckitude of corporate radio incompetence is quickly making once-great radio into the next 
     Fortunately, solar power will free us from the need for utility power and eliminate the need for a landlord!