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A delightful shout out from the Blare Blog

The amazing Carl Blare, active in the alternative radio community for decades (sorry, Carl), innovative creator of several unique approaches to broadcasting and host of the Low Power Radio Hour, favored our humble blog with a kind mention recently.
    It seems that Carl really enjoys our AM transmitter schematic posts and, as Carl has designed and published several transmitter designs himself, we are humbled by his praise.
    In the past Carl, a hard-working hobbyist, has developed a proposed lowfer transmitter for audio transmission using a transmitter called the Deep Voice and a modulator from a Shortwave project called the Big Talker.
     Closing out his post, Carl postulates "The Blare Blog doesn't know whether Radio Guy, author of the Low Power Blog, is 'one of us.' I am thinking maybe not." To that, the Low Power Radio Guy can only reply "Gobble Gobble."
     The Blare Blog is a wonderful read, including the posts that aren't about our modest effort. the KDX Radio site offers a veritable cornucopia of radio delight, you are encouraged to visit frequently! 

20 watt AM Transmitters from Greece and Spain on ebay

ebay sellers in Greece and Spain are bringing exciting AM broadcast platforms to the market.
     First, from Greece, comes a powerful, nicely appointed and fully assembled transmitter ideal for carrier current work.
     This transmitter offers an operating frequency range of 400Khz-2Mhz and up to 20 watts of power delivered through its 50ohm, PL259 connector.
     Uses frequency steps compatible with USA standards and delivers 15hz - 30khz audio response.
     Monitor transmitting status with the on-board SWR meter. 
     Click here to visit the ebay page for this 20 Watt Medium Wave Band AM Transmitter from Greece.
     From Spain we get a rack-mount beauty that can also deliver a crisp 20 watts into your radiator of choice.
     Frequency range between 520 and 1800 KHz, power from 0 to 20 watts, frequency steps 1 Hz, 10 Hz, 100 Hz, 1 KHz, 5 KHz, 9 KHz.
     Transmission indicator, SWR indicator, SWR protection, temperature protection, power and modulation meter.
      Click here to visit the ebay page for this 20 Watt Medium Wave Band AM Transmitter from Spain
     Exciting and affordable alternatives available to those looking for Carrier Current power levels. 

Low power AM transmitter plan for 400 uW output

While grazing through the issues over at American Radio History, searching for low power AM transmitter plans and schematics you can build, I found a rather cool low power AM  transmitter plan I'm excited to share.
     Here's a low power, low parts count, simple AM transmitter that would be easy to assemble... if you can find an old loopstick somewhere.
     A straight-forward, discrete component, fault tolerant schematic, this transmitter plan was taken from an old electronics projects volume from 1964.
     If you could find that old Miller 2002 loopstick, you could put the rest of the transmitter together in an evening and be broadcasting the following day! Information on the rare loopstick has been added to the end of the reading, so you can also make your own.

1 watt MW AM transmitter plans and schematic from

Ferit Akalin, from Izmir, Turkey deals with radios, TV's, transmitters, security electronic devices-the whole lot.
     Lately, Ferit has experienced great difficulties in receiving LW, MW and SW broadcasts because of excessive electromagnetic pollution - a problem many of us face around the world.
    To make it possible to continue to enjoy his vast collection of antique radio receivers Ferit built a simple MW transmitter to better demonstrate the capabilities of his radios.
     Ferit recommends this plan to radio hobbyists and to all those interested.
     You will find links to his plans and schematic on here:
     An amazing array of construction projects are still out there for the constructing!